Host parents and carers

Host an event for parents, grandparents and carers to bring the community into the classroom.

Suggest activities include:

How our school has changed

Ask a parent/grandparent/carer who attended the school to talk to the class about how the school, and education in general, has changed. Help direct the conversation by suggesting topics for discussion such as changes to curriculum, uniform, motto, buildings, technology, equipment etc. To help facilitate the conversation consider inviting the guest to visit the school ahead of the event to show them around the school and point out some of the changes that have occurred.

Parents as experts

Invite a parent/carer into the classroom, working alongside the teacher, to share the story of their field of expertise and how they gained their knowledge.

Collaborating with parents

Invite parents and carers into be ‘constructive critics’. For example food technology students could cook a dish for a panel of parents.  In music, students and parents who play instruments could be invited to perform together.

Students as leaders

Older students take on the role of teacher for a lesson. This could involve Year 5/6 students working with their buddies on reading or maths games. At high school, senior students could cook for junior school students, or schools could organise all-age sports activities.

Creating stronger community ties

Encourage students to connect with a local charity and volunteer a few hours representing the school. Examples: Landcare, Bushcare, Coastcare, a homeless shelter, an aged care facility. Students can learn about the types of skills required in different areas and connect to future workplace skills. Students can make a film to demonstrate to other students what they have learnt.

Tips for your event

  • Don’t forget to invite your local MP and local media along to attend, and to share photos on your school's social media using #EDWEEK18
  • Ensure all participating students have up-to-date permission to publish forms for any photographs or video for publication.
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