Facebook live Q&A

Tuesday 7 August: Tune in for a live panel discussion on design-thinking and its role in workplaces of the future.

Brought to you direct from Game Changer HQ, the panel will feature leading industry professionals from the creative arts, animation, technology and foreign affairs sectors. Speaker will offer valuable industry insights into the skills and attributes that tomorrow's employers are looking for from a diverse range of career perspectives.

Not to be missed by those wanting to know how creativity, problem-solving and "thinking outside the box" could see them tackling head-on, the challenges of the 21st century.

Join the conversation on Tuesday 7 August via the NSW Department of Education’s Facebook Page.


Panel 1 - Defining design

Time: 9:35am - 10:25am


Topic outline: The panel will discuss how the principles of good design can be applied to tackle important issues such social inclusion, sustainability, the pursuit of happiness, and Australia’s obligations as a global citizen.

Panel 2 - The rise of design

Time: 11:20am - 12:15pm


Topic outline: The panel will discuss the rise of the design methodology called Design Thinking and where these good design principles could take us in the future. Topics to be covered include the intersection of humanity and technology, communities of the future, jobs of the future and the pursuit of happiness.

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