Activity guide for teachers

A resource toolkit to help teachers and schools plan activities to celebrate Education Week in their local community.

There are several ways your school and local community can celebrate Education Week:


Participate in an Ed Week event organised by the department:


  • Incorporate curriculum-linked activities into your primary school’s classroom learning using this resource (DOCX 3413.61KB)


Host a community engagement event at your school for:


Share the story of how your school is creating the future with:

We'd love to know what your school and local community are doing to celebrate Education Week. Please email Melissa McCullough, Education Week Manager, at a short summary including:

  • What your school is planning to host and/or participate in
  • How many people are expected to attend
  • If your local MP has been invited
  • If your local media has been invited
  • If you are using the Ed Week Activity Guide to assist in planning your celebration
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