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Anthony Ferrier

Hi everyone.

My name is Anthony Ferrier and I'm really excited to be here as part of the New South Wales Department of Education Game Changer Challenge.

I'll talk to you a little bit for a couple of minutes around myself.

I'm going to talk a little bit about how I think the world is changing.

I'm going to talk about what that means for you as new employers or entrepreneurs or whatever you want to be coming out into the world and how you can respond and be successful through that.


Game Changer Challenge 2020

Anthony Ferrier

So, a little bit about myself.

Like I said, my name is Anthony Ferrier and I work with a company called KPMG which is one of the world's largest accounting and consulting firms.

What that means is we work with organisations to make them better at what they do on a regular basis.

My career path as a consultant has not been linear.

I haven't sat in one particular role and followed that through for my entire career path.

What I have done is looked at how the world is changing and trying to position myself around that effectively.

What I've done is seen opportunities and kind of jumped on them to... around my own interests and my skill sets.

What that's allowed me to do is sort of explore the world

I've lived in cities like New York, San Francisco and London and now more recently back in Australia, living in Sydney.

I say that to you because I want you guys to think about how are you going to sort of like... What do you want out of your career and what do you want out of the world going forward.

How are you going to make your own world.

And I think this is a really exciting time for you guys.

There's so much change going on in the world that you can really define your own life.

And that's what's so fantastic about the world and the position we're all in.

The world is shifting and changing in ways that have never really happened before.

If you look at it objectively the world is better than it's ever been and that might be hard to understand if you think about look at the news for example on a regular basis, but if you're looking through a lot of different lenses we're actually really in an amazing kind of time of society.

When you look at a framework of those changes, a framework to consider is one called 'PEST': political, economic, social and technology changes are driving the changes and shifts in how we all kind of consume products and how we live our lives.

Think about it from the political side.

You, as young Australians, what impact are you going to have on a political system?

How are you going to engage the political system?

How are you going to change the values and votes and positions that politicians are going to take?

It's an interesting time for that.

Look at it from the technology side. How does technology shift and change the business world?

Think about it from perspective something like nano satellites.

Nano satellites are satellites that are the size of a shoebox that are being released every month around the globe's atmosphere and they're really changing the way business is able to access information about individuals and about the world.

What happens is it used to be that a big bus size satellite would kind of fly over and take a photo of, for example google maps, on sort of every six months to a year.

They'd fly over Sydney, take a bunch of photos and then upload that into the system.

There are new products where you can get satellite photos taken by the hour.

Of pretty much any part of the world.

It's a really exciting time to be able to access that information.

You've got to think about what products and solutions does that create?

How do you get in to that framework and navigate through all these changes to come up with new products and solutions.

So I was thinking about it, thinking about how can I present this to you in a way.

And what I came up with was a great product called Rosella tomato sauce.

Somebody has gone out with a tomato sauce and thought about how are people interacting with this product?

How are they using the tomato sauce that my company makes?

In this case Rosella's looked at that and thought the old way of getting tomato sauce maybe wasn't the best.

It was a glass bottle with a wide base but quite a narrow neck.

And to get access to it you had to turn upside down and shake it.

And you have to shake it pretty vigorously.

And not do what I did when I recorded an earlier version of this and get it all over my lap.

What somebody's done at Rosella, has looked at this and said right there's a better way to get the access, for people to access their tomato sauce.

They need to think about and get into the mindset of somebody to understand why is that a problem how they were previously getting it and how can I improve it and make it better.

So what they've done is, changed the way you get access to tomato sauce.

They've put it in a plastic bottle, which I don't necessarily love.

What they've done is, the plastic bottle allows them to have a wider base and a wider neck and that you can squeeze it to force the tomato sauce out.

The tomato sauce tomato sauce doesn't get caught now in the neck.

It gets pushed down straight away I can get it straight away, very easily.

The fact that it's a dark material that's covering it means it doesn't have to be preserved have much preservatives in to it.

So that somebody's looked at this and tried to get in the head of consumers and understand what the needs are, and come up with a solution that's better.

A better product!

So if you think about that, that's what you're going to be learning in through this program that you're going through.

Design thinking is a framework to get you to think in the minds, in the headspace of somebody else that's not you and understand what their needs and wants are and desires are.

And how can you then respond to that effectively in a way that comes up with better products and solutions.

Products and solutions are expensive and time consuming to create.

You want to make sure you're getting it right.

And design thinking gives a very structured framework and approach to achieve that in a consistent way.

So you can come up with one product after another that's going to hit the mark.

That's what you're going to be learning about today and I think it's so important as a skill set not just for a career but also for your own personal life.

How can you understand the needs and changes that are going on that are so radical and so disruptive?

How can you understand them and respond to them effectively so you can be live a better life and also create better value for yourself and for the society at large.

It's an exciting time to be alive and I'm really grateful to be part of the program.

I hope you have a lot of fun during the program and if you want to connect with me in any way, feel free to reach out to me.

Thanks guys, enjoy yourself, speak to you soon!


Game Changer Challenge 2020

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