Ideas and inspiration

Not sure where to start? Read through this handy info to get the ball rolling!

Engage your students

Use this design thinking across the curriculum resource in your classroom to involve your students in the application planning process.

Be inspired

Search the internet to help get your team's brains trust working! TedX Program - ideas worth spreading is a great source to reference.

Watch these successful application entries from our previous challenges:

Video tips

  • Watch our webinars to learn how to create a successful video pitch. You will need to download Adobe Connect to access them. You will find other great resources on this site too!
  • Use the student filmmaker (staff only) resource and incorporate into your classroom teaching.
  • Hold the camera steady while filming or use a tripod if you are filming people speaking.
  • Make sure your subject is well lit.
  • Write a script and rehearse to make sure it fits within 60 seconds.


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