Transcript for 2019 Game Changer Challenge Wrap video

Mark Scott: Lots of idea, lots of energy, lots of excitement, we're all thrilled to be here.

Student: It's really cool, it looks really fun and I'm really excited.

Student: We're super lucky to be here and we felt like rock stars.

Mark Scott: These young people are going to live in the world that is transformed by technology and are going to deal with a world dominated by AI.

Student: I'm excited to meet all the experts and I want some more information on how we can humanise technology.

Woman: We just had a panel discussion and I think I got asked some of the most intelligent questions I've ever been asked in my life so I should be handing out my business card to some of the kids now because it's very very impressive. Best of all we've got like eighteen incredible teams of students and teachers that are here to solve some really big chunky problems.

Sarah Mitchell: Really innovative and insightful questions that they asked, I think they've all got a really bright future and that's exciting.

Student: We have to make 100 ideas in 15 minutes.

Student: I didn't come up with that many, but as a group we came up with quite a few.

Woman: They are absolute naturals with this kind of stuff in terms of how they use colour. They're much more willing to just jump in and pick up a marker.

Man: You sit them down on a computer, show them one tutorial, and the ideas they come up with is absolutely amazing.

Student: Our design's called the 'Embot' the empathy bot you deserve.

Student: If you put your rubbish in the bin you get currency.

Student: I'm making a moisture sensor because we're doing a design for the farmers.

Man: Students are so much quicker at picking up this sort of technology. In fact right now I've almost run out of things to do with them and we've still got 30 minutes to go.

Student: We were pitching an idea, an app which rewards people for putting their recycling in the correct bin.

Student: Well we made an education system on virtual reality goggles.

Student: We designed an app called 'Power to People' and it's giving people their political voices back.

Student: I think it went well.

Student: It was really terrifying.

Student: I learnt how to like fit in somebody else's shoes and feel empathy.

Student: It's just been so fun, it's been the greatest opportunity.

Mark Scott: The winner of the Game Changer Primary school Challenge is Alstonville Public School.

Mark Scott: We should've just watched and not signed up to be judges it's very hard to have to make the choice.

Student: We're excited to be coming home with a trophy this time.

Mark Scott: The winner this year is Elizabeth Macarthur High School.

Student: I still can't believe it.

Student: I think we're all just ecstatic.

Student: The best part of the challenge was being able to work together.

Student: We fell in love with the problem and we found a solution in the end.

Student: Honestly I think it went awesome.

End of transcript

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