Transcript for 2019 Game Changer Challenge Dubbo Wrap video

Student: I feel excited, I feel like it's going to be hard versing all these other schools.

Student: Excited but nervous.

Woman: Really exciting to be here in Dubbo working on issues that matter to locals and applying the same design thinking process as we did in Sydney.

Student: It seems really fun so far, I'm having a lot of fun.

Student: I'm hoping to achieve a better understanding of technology.

Man: We're thinking about things that will impact their life into the future.

Man: We can start now by fostering ideas in its infancy today.

Student: It's been pretty good to talk about all these ideas we have.

Student: Realising that there's more than one and I can build on more than one.

Student: It's called 'Farmers' Friends' and it's for farmers just to go and have like a chat with other farmers.

Student: Swaps with trained doctors so they can stay at the local community.

Student: It's been tricky and complicated but we've got there.

Student: I think we did alright, I was very shaky, I was very nervous.

Student: They spoke all pretty well and got the crowd involved so pretty good.

Woman: And the winner is Narromine High School for 'Recycle, Educate and Store'.

Student: We all are affected by the drought so we thought to make something useful.

Student: We're all a bit stoked that we won.

Man: We found them all sensational, everything community based, there was nothing selfish about any of it. They're hopeful and they've got a positive outlook and they know the future's in their hands.

End of transcript

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