Transcript for 2018 Game Changer Challenge Wrap video

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Mark Scott: We've had a hundred applicants from all around the state we're bought 16 here to Sydney.

Girl: well I just expected it could be fun and a great learning experience and it's definitely gone above and beyond for that

Student: experience like it's a it's fantastic experience it's great to see these people they've been very successful through technology and how it can really change lives

Mark Scott: we've put them through a three day bootcamp working with industry leaders developing new skills and then they've just presented to us now their ideas for the school of the future what we need to change what it will look like and what it will do and we've seen some outstanding presentations and we've listened to some brilliant ideas.

Woman: What we've done here has been really relevant to what I do in the classroom I've actually been looking for something inspiring and engaging that I can implement.

Man: It's not a matter of them sitting back having someone talk to them or lecture at them the kids are hands-on involved with it.

Man: What I've really appreciated seeing the last couple of days is the way the kids have picked up on the new technology.

Man: All of this stuff isn't just add on extra this is what they need to be able to do to get the jobs of the future.

Mark Scott: What I like about the game change of challenges it's asking children about their learning, it's asking students in our schools about how we create an environment in the future that's going to allow young people everywhere to flourish and to learn.

Man: You don't realise how creative you actually are until you really start thinking into the projects.

Student:  The fact that they're all such experts in their fields has made me realise that when I'm going to school and learning it's actually preparing me for doing something like that.

End of transcript.

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