Video competition

The winners of our Education Week Schools Video competition have been announced.

This year schools were invited to create a mini documentary or short video showcasing the Education Week 2021 theme of Lifelong learners.

Winners have been selected for both primary and secondary school category.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who entered!

Primary school winner - Tarrawanna Public School

Duration: 1:13

Tarrawanna Public School winning primary school entry.


At Tarrawanna Public School, we are learners for life.

We stay curious and enjoy the fun and joy of our world.

And we even enjoy the struggle learning can bring.

We understand that learning doesn't happen overnight.

We believe in each other.

And with our shared experiences we learn and grow together.

We can try, not won't.

We feel when someone has a sweaty brain and crunchy eyebrows.

We cheer when we solve problems together.

Learning at Tarrawanna means we see you, we hear you and we're always with you.


Learning for life.

Learning for life.

Learning for life.

Learning for life.

Learning for life.

End of transcript.

Secondary school winner - Belmore Boys High School

Duration: 1:30
Belmore Boys High School winning secondary school entry.


In Australia, students receive a total of 11,000 hours of instruction throughout primary and high school. When we think of school and education in general, we think classrooms, we think English and maths, science, and history. We think of textbooks and homework. But the truth is deeper than that.
School is where we are educated it's true, but our students leave with more than just a HSC.
For a lot of us here at Belmore Boys school is our constant. Our principal always refers to our school as a family and in a lot of ways, it's true. We're together nearly every day, we build connections and form memories, and sometimes we drive one another crazy, but that's okay, because at the end of the day, we all know that this is a place that we can come to and be supported.
This is a place that brothers, cousins, uncles, and fathers have passed through and experienced the same teachers. It's a place that taught them, patience, kindness, compassion, and the importance of hard work.
It's a place that ex-students pop by and visit two, three, five, 10, even 30 years after graduating to say hi and share what they've been up to, the degrees they've attained, the businesses they've opened, news about their own growing families. School may end after Year 12, but education doesn't.
Our students build the foundations to become lifelong learners whilst at Belmore Boys High School.
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