How to host a community event

Many schools decide to invite parents, grandparents and carers into the classroom during Education Week. Keep these tips in mind when planning your event.

An Open Day should be:

  • fun for the participants
  • be focused on the EdWeek 19 theme, ‘Every student, every voice’
  • promote student pride in their school
  • reassure parents that their children are receiving a quality education
  • raise the profile of the school.

8 ways to ensure your event is a success

  1. Advertise early – Give parents and carers plenty of notice that the event is going to happen using your school newsletter, social media and flyers home.
  2. Get the P&C on board – Ask your school P&C how they would like to be involved and for feedback after the event on what could be improved.
  3. Be clear about your objectives – What elements of school life do you want to showcase? In 2019 the theme is ‘Every student, every voice’. How can you highlight the ways in which the school ‘listens’ to its students and acts on their voice.
  4. Key messages – Encourage students to use the key messages and come up with a promotional plan for the event. Ask students to create posters to place around the school that reflect the key messages and student voice theme.
  5. First impressions count – Make sure you put your best foot forward and get your students involved in sprucing up the school grounds and their classrooms ahead of the event.
  6. Class performances – Starting the event with student performances is an easy way to ensure everyone arrives on time.
  7. Open classrooms – Prepare an activity that students can complete with their guests to encourage more active engagement. Some suggestions include: Interview parents/carers about how children’s lives today are different; get creative and have parents work with students on a project.
  8. Picnic lunch – Invite families to bring a picnic lunch and blanket and host a giant school picnic.

But wait, there’s more!

For primary schools Education Week is also a good opportunity to hold their annual book fair. To complement the EdWeek19 theme, 'Every student, every voice' ask for student input into the library collection. Conduct a survey of students to nominate their favourite authors or suggest a book title they would like included in the school collection.

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