Education Week checklist

This simple checklist will help you to plan, promote and celebrate Education Week at your school. All the information you need to complete this checklist can be found on the Education Week website.

Plan your celebration

  • Have you decided on your Education Week event?
  • Have you told everyone who will be involved in planning your event?
  • Have you developed ideas for classroom activities?

Make it official

  • Register your celebration with Melissa McCullough, Education Week Manager, at

Make some noise

  • Have you checked out the online promotion kit?
  • Is the Education Week badge on your website?
  • Are there Education Week graphics on your web pages and/or intranet?
  • Are staff using the Education Week email signature blocks?
  • Is your event being promoted through social media?

Check out our resources

  • Have you downloaded lesson plans, ideas and activities?
  • Are you using the Education Week key messages?

Connect with us

  • Have you connected with us through social media?
  • Are you using the hashtag #EdWeek19 on your posts?
  • Have you visited our website for more information and resources?
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