Prepare and plan for EdWeek20

Great ideas to help get your school community ready for Education Week 2020.

  1. Establish an Education Week committee.
    1. Some questions the committee will need to ask include:
      1. How do we embrace the theme, Learning together, at our school?
      2. How can we involve students and parents in Education Week planning?
      3. Who and what will we profile during Education Week?
      4. How can we showcase our teachers, parents and students this Education Week?
      5. Who will we celebrate with?
  2. Conduct a survey of your school community to evaluate parents' learning from home experiences and how parents interact with their children's learning.
  3. Invite your school Parents and Citizens group to make a video for the school Facebook on the theme, Learning together.
  4. Promote the Film by ... Invitation student film festival among your students and plan a virtual cinema experience on the day.
  5. Invite school alumni to contribute to a video you can play at a school assembly that showcases their learning journey and inspires students about the opportunities learning opens in life.
  6. Host a school competition for the most innovative ideas that can promote how your school community learns together, with the winner/s announced in Education Week.
  7. Have teachers and students fill an empty frame with a representation of Learning together and hold a (virtual) art exhibition during Education Week.
  8. Workshop teaching and learning ideas staff can utilise to promote and highlight your school community is learning together in the lead-up to Education Week.
  9. Tuesday 4 August is National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day. Research how you can mark this special day at your school.
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