5 easy ways to build community during EdWeek

Public schools in NSW have educated premiers, lawyers, champions, performers, artists, entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovators in all walks of life. Education Week is a perfect platform to connect your students with their local community and alumni.

Here’s five easy ways to build the relationship.

Hold a morning tea

Invite your school parents and supporters to a morning tea on Monday, August 5 and watch the 10am Education Week launch at the two host sites of St Marys North Public School and Dubbo College, Senior Campus live.

Alumni speed dating event

Invite a number of alumni to the school to speak to groups of 6-8 students for 10 minutes about their career and secrets to their success. Students can also ask questions. After 10 minutes student groups rotate to the next mentor.

Business lunch

Invite local businesses/people in for lunch to talk about the skills they look for in employees.  School staff and students can reflect on how public schools are educating students to meet these requirements.

Charity begins at home

Research the volunteer groups in your local community and invite them to take part in a forum to discuss their work and how students can play a role in their organisation.

Student voice in the community

Hold a survey to identify what issues students want addressed in the community. Collate the results, workshop some solutions and ask to present to the local council meeting or invite local councillors to school to hear your presentation.

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