10 activities for EdWeek19

Here are some simple ideas and activities to help get your students excited about, and involved in, Education Week in 2019.

  1. Play the Education Week 2019 film at your school assembly (coming early June).
  2. Host a community event at your school for alumni, community or family and carers.
  3. Incorporate curriculum-linked activities into your classroom learning (coming early May).
  4. Share the stories of how your school embodies the 2019 theme: ‘Every student, every voice’. Download the Social Media Toolkit for tips on how (coming early June).
  5. Highlight student voice through a lunchtime debate competition or hold a lunch-time Speaker’s Corner at your school.
  6. Update your school's social media pages with an #EdWeek19 profile photo and a celebratory GIF (coming early June).
  7. Enter your students in one or all of the Education Week creative competitions (coming early June).
  8. Live-stream the Education Week launch on August 5 and Game Changer Challenge final presentation on August 8.
  9. Watch the Facebook live expert session on Humanising Technology, Tuesday, August 6 (details coming soon).
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