Five ways to make your Facebook more engaging

Use Facebook as a key communication tool for your school by following these simple tips:

  1. Showcase your school’s personality – Facebook is a fun and social environment, your tone of voice and language can be more conversational and relaxed than a website or media release.

  2. Be topical, timely and relevant – Share things that happened or are happening at your school that day or week to encourage real-time engagement from your audience.

  3. Be visual – Eye-catching images and videos perform best on social media. You want the visual element to capture people’s attention so they will stop scrolling to read your caption or watch the video.

  4. Keep it short and sharp – Lengthy captions get truncated and cut off by a “see more” button which is often overlooked and scrolled past due to the inconvenience. Write concisely to keep your captions within 2-3 short sentences.

  5. Be social – Social media is only social when you are being social. Make sure to interact with your community by replying to comments and messages.
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