Easy ways to engage with EdWeek20

Here are some simple ways to build excitement around Education Week 2020.

  1. Create your own short videos of what the Education Week 2020 theme, Learning together, means to you and share them across NSW public schools. (Details on our video campaign are coming soon).

    Tip: If you aren't already, you might like to use our free video production and distribution service, Schools Video, for this.

  2. Share with your community examples of how your school embodies the 2020 theme, Learning together using the hashtags #EdWeek20 and #Learningtogether

    Tip: Check out our Social Media Toolkit for tips on making the most of your social media channels.

  3. Update your school's social media pages with an Education Week 2020 profile photo and a celebratory GIF (coming soon as part of our Social Media Toolkit).

  4. Live stream the Education Week 2020 launch at 10am on Monday 3 August (full details coming soon).

  5. Create a festival atmosphere at your school and join our virtual film festival on Wednesday 5 August (full details coming soon).
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