Seven ways to fire up your Facebook posts

Make Facebook work as a key communication tool for your school by following these simple tips on how to engage your audience.

  1. Be natural – Facebook is a fun and relaxed environment. People come on Facebook to be informed and entertained so keep your writing warm, friendly and inviting, yet always professional.
  2. Be topical, timely and relevant – Your posts should be written for immediate action – write your posts so they can be read and engaged with right now.
  3. Be visual –  Great images and short videos are the most engaging on Facebook. People are much more likely to share video content.
  4. Keep it short – The shorter, the better. Learn to edit your posts so that they make sense in less words. Use plain english and eliminate jargon.
  5. Be emotional – emotions sell and encourage readers to share. The most shared posts sway and persuade. They are invitations to discussion and commentary.
  6. Ask questions – Questions are a great way to get comments. But only ask questions that are easy to answer. If you can, place questions at the end of your post.
  7. Be authentic – each school community is unique so always communicate in the way that your parents appreciate and respond to positively.
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