Transcript for What surprised you about Secretary for a Day?

Abby Manning: It’s really made me think about different fields that I wasn’t maybe thinking about.

[Young man with spectacles – no visible name-tag]

It’s help me understand the processes that have led to my day-to-day life at school and how I can contribute to that further and affect some of their decisions.

Maximus O’Shea: I’ve learned a lot about other schools and I’ve come up with new ideas to bring back to my school to better my school.

Kyle Hill: It’s really changed the way I view the world.

Alexandra …. [?]: It was an eye-opener of how the Department of Education are really trying to adapt to the future and new technology and the way our world is changing.

Angelyn Indraya: It just completely blew my mind and I think I’m really into asset management and building infrastructure now!

End of transcript.

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