Transcript for Secretary for a Day 2019 highlights video.

[Student] So what Student Voice means to me is that our student voice, we are the next leaders we?re the next politicians, business owners, we are the next generation. And our voices now are a glimpse into what that is going to look like so it is so powerful that we amplify them and that we are heard.

[Presenter] I saw people from totally different backgrounds to me totally different walks of life people of different generations of different cultures and just their voice just their voice and two minutes opened my eyes to things I had not seen before.

[Student] We live in a day and age where we have great communication throughout the whole community and we have this technology so why shouldn't we use it?

[Student] The communication between the students and the community needs to be stronger in order for the students to know what the community needs and for the community to provide for the students.

[Secretary] We work in education because we believe in the opportunities that can come from young people by having a great education

[Student] It is the duty not only of teachers but us ourselves to sit down with those who feel lost.

[Staff] A few of you have mentioned mental health and even some particular issues

[Presenter] It's interesting to see what you or your peers actually do when you face or see a difficult situation online, there's a recurring theme here of trusted adult friends and teachers.

[Student] My teachers have made me not afraid to ask for help or to strive to the highest point I can but we have to recognise those teachers and schools that do make students feel known valued and cared for

[Secretary] I think collaboration is really important I mean I think this is one of the advantages in being in the system right? You're in a system and so we should be able to learn from each other and share expertise and to benefit from the strength that comes around us.

[Student] I think what has inspired me the most from today is learning about all of the other kids and all the other challenges they're facing in their schools because it's really it's encouraged me to take a step back and not just look at my own problems look at everyone's problems across New South Wales.

[Student] Without the voice of the students we can't actually progress into a 21st century learning community within the Department

[Student] Yesterday I was milking cows and now I'm in the Department of Education building so no matter who you are where you're from and what you do in Australia please apply.

[Student] I've been surrounded by like-minded passionate peers having these incredible articulate and exciting conversations and I could not describe anything more exciting and enthusiastic than this.

[Student] I would say for other students to apply it's great to be an environment with us others that passionate we want to look for the change within their schools but not only with no local schools but education as a whole because you're inspired to change the world around us.

[Student] So one thing I ask you to take away from this is that your student voice is a gift and when you learn to harness your student voice you can help others harnesses theirs and together we are a powerful cohort

End of transcript.

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