Transcript of The Game Changer Challenge 2018

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Narrator: Introducing... The Game Changer Challenge. Are you the Game Changer we're looking for? Are you The Creator? The Storyteller? The Organiser? The Maker? The Idea Guru? The Number Cruncher? Join up today to help answer our big question. What will the school of tomorrow look like?

The Organiser: That's easy! For starters we won't need papers or pens. Computers and smart technology will record everything we learn!

The Idea Guru: And a click transporter will get us between classes

[Electrical zapping]

[Puff of smoke]

The Idea Guru: Whoa! Hey!

The Storyteller: Hey! What's up? Holograms will teach us about the world around us and connect us with people...

Hologram: From around the globe

The Storyteller: To our very own backyard.

The Creator: You think that's cool!? Using VR Our our excursions will take us anywhere we want to go. Even into space!

The Number Cruncher: And augmented reality... Hey guys! Shows us other amazing ways of getting to school.

Students: Coooooool...

The Maker: You too can be a Game Changer get your team of six together.

Teacher: And tell us in a video, what you think the school of the future looks like.

Narrator: Will you be the next Game Changers? Get your team of six together and start changing the game this Education Week

End of transcript.

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