External resources

To help get your team's brains trust working we've scoured the internet for some interesting resources, speeches and ideas on the topic of technology, the future and human interaction with technology.

Charlie's Future - An animation produced by the EXAR Education for a Changing World initiative - it is designed for the general community and provides links to a panel discussion that explores what students might need to thrive in an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-future, and critical questions this raises for today’s education system.

Children more likely to believe robots' answers than their own - this ABC news story opens the discussion about human values in a world of AI. It also provides links to other published research that has made the news.

2017 Boyer Lecture Series - Australian National University Professor Genevieve Bell discusses the role of technology in building our future, and what it means to be human, and Australian, in a digital world.

Compassion in a world of robots - World authority on artificial intelligence and social robotics  Professor Marry-Anne Williams, from the University of Technology, Sydney, speaks at the Happiness and its causes conference in 2018.

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