Building on the success of the NSW Tertiary Pathways Project

The NSW Tertiary Pathways Project has demonstrated that industry, higher education and the VET sectors can successfully work together to deliver both student and employer focused outcomes across a range of industries and study areas. The lessons learnt from the development of these models will assist VET providers, higher education institutions and industry groups to develop innovative solutions for the workforce needs of the future.

Government involvement and support has been a key driver for the NSW Tertiary Pathways Project through facilitating access to relevant agencies and providing a catalyst for pathway development. However, the challenge will be to scale and replicate the success of existing pathway models across NSW to allow other institutions and industries to adapt tertiary pathway models for their own needs.

The department and the NSW Department of Industry have a strong interest in working with industry groups, major employers and education providers to overcome barriers to delivering new and innovative pathway models that meet the skills needs of NSW.

Further information

For more information on tertiary pathways please contact the Higher Education and Tertiary Policy Directorate at

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