Tyler Pockran

2021 NSW Training Awards People's Choice School Based Apprentice/Trainee of the Year

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

Tyler has always wanted to be a chef. In year 10, he took initiative beyond his years and approached Sydney's fine dining restaurant Tetsuya’s about school holiday work experience. They said yes!

An SBAT should be at the forefront of every student’s mind. I’m so happy I’m achieving my dream.

Tyler's biography

From making pancakes to plating up ultra-refined delicacies at Australia’s most prestigious Japanese restaurant, Tyler Pockran has risen very quickly in his industry thanks to his school-based apprenticeship. 

His talent and determination opened the doors for him, but Tyler is quick to highlight how vocational education fast-tracked his career. “I’ve now finished part of my qualification and a lot of my friends are just starting,” says Tyler. “Having that advantage and being so young has earned me a lot of respect.”

After securing work experience at two-hatted Sydney fine-dining restaurant Tetsuya’s while he was still at school, Tyler quickly felt at home and knew that was the career path he wanted to follow. “The rush of service was next level – to this day, I love it.” 

Tyler decided to pursue a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, hoping to do his apprenticeship at Tetsuya’s. Of course, the team were thrilled to have him on board and took him on as a school-based apprentice.

Since completing Year 12 Tyler is still working towards his dreams of running his own restaurant, but travelling the world with his qualification is first on the list.

“My qualification is recognised globally. Being a qualified chef allows me to speak a completely different language and work anywhere,” says Tyler. “I want to go somewhere where I know nothing and just kind of work my way through. I like the idea of being somewhere that challenges me.”


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