Sara Morgan

2022 NSW Training Awards Vocational Student of the Year for North Coast & Mid North Coast Region

Certificate III in Captive Animals

Sara discovered her true passion through VET with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

I now have a very clear idea of what my future career path looks like.

Sarah's biography

Already a qualified Veterinary Nurse, Sara embarked on a Certificate III in Captive Animals through TAFE NSW, whilst completing practical training with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Sara was keen to expand her skills so she could treat wildlife in need, as well as domestic animals.

In pursuing VET, Sara not only expanded the depth of her knowledge, but discovered her true calling.

“I initially chose to complete the Certificate III in Captive Animals because I wanted to become a wildlife veterinary nurse. Having worked as a domestic veterinary nurse for years I thought this was my next career move. However, I fell in love with working with captive animals and my mind was changed. I found my passion for zookeeping and I’m so glad my career and studies have led me here.”

Sara says both the study and training components of the qualification have been outstanding.

“I embraced the opportunity of working with all different species – native and exotic - and I now have a very clear idea of what my future career path looks like.”

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary were so impressed with Sara’s exceptional abilities, dedication to the animals, and the incredible support she offered the Currumbin team, they offered her a permanent position as Education Officer.

“With the zoo industry being incredibly hard to get into, this would not have been possible without doing this qualification. I am so incredibly grateful for receiving this role and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my work.”

The learning continues for Sara each day in her new and exciting role and she is extremely grateful for the opportunities VET has provided.

“I truly believe this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I endeavour to continue to learn and grow as an employee at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and look forward to the years to come in my career.”


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