EPPP adjusts pilot delivery in light of COVID-19

How the EPPP has adapted modes of communication delivery to recognise the challenges currently being faced in schools.

It’s difficult to think of an industry or sector that hasn’t been forced to rethink the way it operates in response to COVID-19. Education has clearly been impacted, with the majority of NSW students only returning to classrooms full-time this week. Likewise, the Educational Pathways Pilot Program (EPPP) has had to adjust to our current circumstances. But while COVID-19 has certainly changed the way the pilot is being delivered, it hasn’t slowed our progress.

The program team have demonstrated incredible agility and flexibility in recent weeks. Almost overnight, the team had to adapt a program that involved a number of large events, and considerable face-to-face contact, to one that could be delivered safely and in line with NSW Health advice. Our upcoming livestreams are evidence of this agile response.

What were originally conceived as ‘town hall’ style forums, where parents, students, teachers and assorted panellists could come together to discuss career pathways, have been reimagined as broadcast quality livestreams. Imagine something like the ABC show Q&A—minus the live studio audience, of course—beamed live and direct from our high schools and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what our livestreams will look like.

In addition, we have created a new Yammer group called EPPP Forward.Talk where we can all feed through ideas, discoveries, observations and materials we think will benefit any of the 24 high schools across Northern NSW and South West Sydney.

Also, there is a new section on the Department of Education website where all of the content being created under the EPPP Pathways Pilot will be housed, available to careers advisers, teachers and, crucially, to students and parents.

Thirdly, we have an excellent, ongoing communication opportunity with these new Go.Forward fortnightly email newsletters, which will be distributed to all participants involved in delivering the outcomes of the EPPP for our students and young people. If there’s someone you know who would like to be receive the newsletter, please email pathways-pilot@det.nsw.edu.au

We look forward to connecting with you on all three of these channels over the coming months, and we will be in touch with further details about a livestream near you soon.

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