Kelsey Commons

Kelsey Commons – NSW Training Awards Ambassador

2019 NSW Training Awards VET in Schools Student of the Year

Certificate III in Live Production and Services

Kelsey Commons was in Year 8, when she first heard of VET and a change of schools turned things around for the student with a passion for live entertainment.

After transferring to Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College for her last two years of school, Kelsey went all in on VET. Kelsey did a Certificate II in Hospitality, a Certificate III in Live Production and Services, and a Certificate III in Screen and Media. She also got heaps of hands-on experience.

“I was really lucky to be given lots of opportunities at school.”

Kelsey did 10 work placements as part of her VET training at places like Sydney’s Hilton Hotel, the Horizon Theatre Company and ICC Sydney. The practical work experience gave Kelsey a good idea of what a career in each field would be like. She also got some great opportunities to perfect her skills at school.

“I got some really good live entertainment experience through volunteering on school plays and productions as well as helping out on external events,” says Kelsey.

Kelsey’s work experience, combined with the opportunities she was given at school, helped her figure out what direction she wanted to head in, and it wasn’t ‘hospo.’

“I loved Hospitality, but I definitely preferred my other courses,” says Kelsey. “As someone who’s grown up around photography and done a bit myself, I’ve always had an interest in filmmaking and media. I’m also really interested in the live entertainment space, so those two courses were perfect for me.”

After school, Kelsey narrowed her focus even further. After graduating with a handful of certifications, the NSW VET in Schools Student of the Year for 2019 enrolled in a Bachelor of Film degree. While the course was fascinating, Kelsey couldn’t ignore her true passion - live entertainment.

“Live events and entertainment has always been my true passion.”

“I decided to defer my degree and explore opportunities in that area,” says Kelsey. “My ideal outcome would be to get a traineeship with a touring company that puts on major events.”

With the entertainment industry starting to wake up from its COVID-induced slumber, Kelsey might have timed her decision perfectly. Either way, her solid background in VET has given her a bunch of transferable skills she can draw on as she pursues a career in the Aussie entertainment scene.

Image: Kelsey Commons – NSW Training Awards Ambassador

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