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The idea of EPPP TV is simple. A few times a term, we’ll catch up with different people to talk about the vocational career pathways that are available to NSW students. The episodes are designed to be watched by students, teachers and their parents, whether it’s in the classroom or the living room. So, stay tuned to this page for the latest from EPPP TV.

EPPP TV Episode 2

Educational Pathways Pilot Program TV - Episode 2

In this episode:

This ‘decision time’ episode sees host Jazmine Huggins meet a heavy vehicle mechanic who’s made a nice life for himself on the North Coast, and a young woman who was on the verge of dropping out of school until a VET pathway turned her life around. We also cover some great digital tools that have been designed to help students identify suitable careers, a virtual careers fair, and more.

Episode links:

Download full transcript Ep02

EPPP TV Episode 1

Educational Pathways Pilot Program TV - Episode 1

In this episode:

This episode sees Jazmine Huggins, a radio producer and DJ, sit down with some of the people who are currently rolling out the pilot. Hear what Rose Vujcic, Robyn Pemberton and Fi Shewring have to say about some exciting new opportunities for students.

Episode links:

Download full transcript Ep01

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