Did you know 48% of high school grads don’t know what they want to do when they finish school?

Choosing a career path with a destination in mind can be overwhelming. To make it easier there are some things you can do:

  • Take the time to consider what you enjoy, your interests, your values, and your skills.
  • Think about jobs you are interested in and jobs that might use some of the skills you already have.
  • Research industries and employers you respect, or even consider starting your own business.
  • Talk to trusted people in your network to get ideas and inspiration.
Want help to take your next steps on your career journey? Talk to a Careers NSW independent Careers Practitioner.

How to prepare for your career consultation appointment

If you are eligible for a career consultation appointment it's a good idea to do some preparation first. Before you attend your appointment think about what you would like to talk about and write down any questions you might want to ask your Careers Practitioner.

While a Careers Practitioner can provide a great deal of assistance and guidance as you consider your future career, there are some things they cannot do for you. Read about what they can and cannot do below.

  • Provide support to help you identify what your skills, interests and career needs are and next steps in your career direction
  • Provide feedback on improving your job application documents
  • Provide guidance and resources on how you can prepare for an interview
  • Provide information or resources to help you facilitate job search, internship, or work experience

  • Tell you what career or job you should pursue
  • Write or develop job application documents and resumes for you
  • Provide responses to interview questions
  • Source a job, internship or work experience for you

Additional support

For a range of mental health and wellbeing support services visit the NSW Department of Education's Mental health and wellbeing web pages for:

As a secondary school student you may be eligible for the following payments from Services Australia:
  • Youth allowance - for students and Australian apprentices
  • ABSTUDY - for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and apprentices

For assistance with homelessness and housing:

For assistance with health services:
  • ACCHO - Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation - find an ACCHO or Affiliate near you
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