Students frequently asked questions

Careers NSW will be trialling the following services from 8 August to 30 September 2022. 

  • Student career consultation appointments (face-to-face) during Weeks 4-7 of Term 3 on school grounds.
  • Student career consultation follow-up appointments (face-to-face) during weeks 8-10 of Term 3 on school grounds.
  • Student career consultation appointments (virtual) will be available for the duration of the trial, online or over the phone.
  • Student career consultation follow-up appointments (virtual) will be available for the duration of the trial, online or over the phone.
  • Parent/guardian information sessions will be available for the duration of the trial, online or over the phone.
  • Group career exploration sessions will be available as an opt-in service for year 7-8 students in face-to-face schools.
  • Use of Industry Expert Volunteers through the Regional Educational Partnerships (RIEP) team events and activities. Local RIEP officers can facilitate connections with industry experts to help inform student’s career decisions. For more information about the RIEP program, visit their website.

The Career Development Practitioners that are part of the Careers NSW school trial can help you to start thinking about where you are at in your career development journey, whether that is:

  • exploring what your interests, skills and values are
  • helping identify job opportunities and industries
  • linking to courses, education, and career pathways
  • helping you with career decision making and setting career goals
  • transitioning beyond school into work, including preparing job application documents, applying for jobs, and being prepared for job interviews.

Career consultation appointments are available to students in years 9-12 at participating schools. To find out if that includes you and to make your appointment go to the student eligibility page of the Schools Hub. 


A Careers Practitioner can provide a great deal of assistance and guidance as you consider your future career, but there are some things they cannot do for you:

The Careers Practitioner can:

  • Support to help you identify what your skills, interests and career needs are and next steps in your career direction
  • Provide feedback on improving your job application documents
  • Provide guidance and resources on how you can prepare for an interview
  • Provide information or resources to help you with job searching, internships or work experience

The Careers Practitioner cannot:

  • Tell you what career or job you should pursue
  • Write or develop resumes or job application documents for you
  • Provide responses to interview questions
  • Find a job, internship or work experience position for you


You should still speak regularly with your school Careers Adviser. The services included in the Careers NSW school trial will complement the support your school Careers Adviser provides. 

It’s important you speak with your school Careers Adviser after you use the Careers NSW school trial services. You may wish to let your Careers Adviser know what assistance or support you received or any activities you did as a result of speaking with the Careers NSW Careers Development Practitioner.

You may wish to speak to your high school Careers Adviser if you want more information related to:

  • traineeships and apprenticeships available in your area 
  • assistance with choosing subjects and elective options, work experience or job shadowing
  • assistance with what to do when you leave school 
  • locally run programs available through the Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) program

If you are at a participating school receiving face-to-face services then your school may register for group career exploration sessions. These are only available for students in years 7 and 8.

Group career exploration will enhance your self-awareness and confidence around job and career related information. These sessions will encourage you to recognise your own skills, values, and interests and will provide a safe space to have discussions around career myths and career/job related challenges. It is hoped that these sessions will help you focus on your career journey not just the destination. 

Through your school, you may have the opportunity to gain understanding about different industry and occupational (job/career) insights from experts in their fields. Please contact your school Career Adviser to find out more about RIEP and the events and activities available.

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