Parents and guardians

Your Careers NSW information session

Careers NSW offers all parents and guardians of eligible students a one-off session with a Careers Practitioner. The session aims to provide advice on how to better support your child with careers guidance.

During the session the Careers Practitioner will help you identify your child's primary career needs and how to guide them in the next steps of their career development journey.

To get the most out of your session with the Careers Practitioner please prepare any questions you may want to ask in advance.

If you are interested in discussing your own career development you may be eligible for the Careers NSW adult career services. Check your eligibility at Service NSW.

Your child's career consultation appointment

During the school trial Careers NSW offers all students in years 9-12 in participating schools access to independent Careers Practitioners.

Students in years 9 - 12 have the opportunity for up to 2 individual consultations with a Careers Practitioner to discuss their career development. Students aged 16 years or older are able to book their consultations themselves. If your child is aged under 16 years you will need to book their consultations on their behalf. 

Please note a parent/guardian will be required to be present with their child during all student careers consultation appointments.

If you have more than one child participating in the school trial you can book a separate session for each eligible child.

How you can support your child in their career decision making

Did you know that students see their parents and guardians as their main influence when it comes to early career decisions? What you say, and how you say it matters.

If your child is feeling concerned or worried about their future or career options, validate their feelings and reassure them that there are many pathways to get to where they want to go.

If they aren’t sure about what to do after high school, this is normal, only 48% of high school graduates know what they want to do when they leave.

You can encourage them to gain some clarity by asking them to do some self awareness exploration, identify their skills, interests, and values.

Recognising past achievements is a great start help them to feel confident about their strengths and to give them direction.

Encourage your child to speak with their school career adviser to speak about post school options or if eligible, book in to speak with a Careers NSW Careers Practitioner.

Interested in jobs of the future?

Look to the CSIRO Global megatrends that will impact Australia’s future jobs.

The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, particularly #8 which focuses on decent work and economic growth, are also worth understanding.

You may also want to discover the industries with the current strongest projected growth in Australia at Careers NSW.

Where to find resources and support

For a range of mental health and wellbeing support services visit the NSW Department of Education's Mental health and wellbeing web pages for:

Additional support, including rural and remote support and seeing a social worker, can be found at Services Australia:


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