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Purpose and Objective

The Careers NSW school trial will help students think about their careers earlier, discover who they are and explore who they can become. The services offered by Careers NSW can assist schools to support more students as part of the schools’ career education programs.

The Careers NSW school trial services are being co-designed with the broader school community. The services can complement existing careers guidance already being offered in NSW government secondary schools. The intention of the Careers NSW school trial services is to provide extra support to the schools involved in the trial by offering inclusive and equitable access to careers guidance.

The Careers NSW school trial aims to:

  • provide schools with access to complementary careers services to support the existing work of their careers advisers
  • integrate school feedback to inform and co-design the development of a Careers NSW school service
  • encourage students to think about careers earlier and think about their own skills, interests and values
  • link learning about careers to students’ education and skills
  • expand students’ knowledge about opportunities in the workforce, encouraging students to engage more
  • expose students to a variety of transition pathways into further education and training and help them understand there are multiple options
  • encourage secondary students to be more informed and confident in making career choices and decisions.

The Careers NSW school trial will provide the opportunity for the broader school community to inform the development of Careers NSW school support services.

School trial services

Careers NSW offers a bespoke model where schools can select from a range of services that best meets their needs and the needs of their students.

In-person services

The in-person services will be booked by the school and conducted during school hours:

  • Years 7-10 group career exploration sessions
  • Years 9-12 student careers appointments
  • Years 11-12 student mock interview appointments
  • career development workshops and presentations.

Virtual services

The virtual services will be booked by the student or parent and can be conducted outside of school hours:

  • Years 9-12 student mock interview appointments
  • Years 9-12 student careers appointments
  • parent/guardian of students in Years 7-12 information discussions with a careers practitioner.

Benefits of the services

  • students across Years 7-12 will have the opportunity to access careers resources and enhance their ability to make decisions about their transition pathways
  • Careers NSW can complement the schools’ career education programs
  • Careers NSW offers additional resources and time to support school careers advisers
  • schools, students, parents/guardians and school careers advisers will have access to careers services and support.

Role of school careers advisers

Careers advisers are an important part of the Careers NSW school trial.

Careers advisers know their students best and have the expertise to determine which Careers NSW school trial services will offer additional support to their students.

Careers advisers will be encouraged to inform preferred session topics for group career exploration sessions to ensure they fit within their schools’ career education programs.

Feedback from careers advisers on the Careers NSW school trial services is welcomed to ensure these services assist and complement existing work in schools.

How it fits into a school’s career education program

Schools can select from the range of bespoke services being offered by Careers NSW to complement their schools’ career education programs. Some schools may only need support with Years 7-10 group career exploration sessions. It’s up to each school to select what services they need.

Contact us

Careers NSW is working with stakeholders to create a service to support school communities. We welcome your feedback, thoughts and suggestions. Feel free to email Careers NSW.


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