Contract Agreement extension

The Assisted School Travel Program (ASTP) has extended the current term of the Contract Agreement (PDF 1249.24KB) to 31 December 2023.

The previous term expired mid-2021.

There are no changes to the current terms and conditions of the Contract Agreement except for some amendments focused at improving student welfare and updates aligning to NSW Government policies.

The changes include:

  • a Contract Management Plan to strengthen support and partnership between the ASTP and the service provider
  • amendments pertaining to the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (NSW) and NSW Government Aboriginal Procurement Policy
  • the use and different types of technology
  • measures concerning blood alcohol levels and smoking restrictions
  • definitions of certain cars
  • extend the Term of the Agreement
  • minor wording and formatting amendments where applicable.

By extending the term of the ASTP contract, Eligible Service Providers (ESPs) will be provided with a level of service continuity. There are minor changes to the current terms of the Contract Agreement. The ASTP will continue to operate the same.

The ASTP will email information about signing and returning a Deed of Variation and Contract Management Plan.

If you wish to continue to be an ESP, please sign and return the Deed of Variation and Contract Management Plan by the specified date.

Please do NOT sign the Deed electronically. Only "wet ink" signatures are acceptable.

A witness can be anyone who:

  • is 18 years or older
  • knows the person whose signature they are witnessing or has taken reasonable steps to verify their identity
  • isn't a party to the document
  • if the document is a trust deed, isn't a beneficiary of the trust

Incorporated companies will have a slightly different version to the section displayed in the help guide and requires the signatures of the Director and Secretary, as per ASIC Current Company extract.

In the event that no secretary has been appointed, two directors can sign OR a witness can be the second signatory.

The witness must cross out "Director/Secretary" and replace this with "Witness" along with their initials.

No, the term of the contract has been extended meaning you will remain as an ESP on the department's approved provider list and be eligible for school runs. This does not mean that your contract will be automatically extended.

Yes, current ESPs will remain on the ESP list. The ESP list is used for the allocation of runs to meet the department's needs for the program.

It is likely that the department will commence actions for updating contract arrangements, possibly through an open tender process.

The Contract Management Plan (CMP) acts as a tool to strengthen support and partnership between the ASTP and the list of ESPs. It is designed to proactively improve efficient and effective daily transport services through individualised plans and discussions.

The ASTP has already commenced discussions with a large number of service providers regarding their individualised CMP.

If you are yet to have your first CMP discussion the will contact you over the next few months to plan and discuss your individualised CMP. At this stage you should familiarise yourself with your CMP.

If you have any concerns or issues regarding the Contract Agreement extension, please email or call 1300 338 278 – Option 2 (Eligible Service Provider enquiries) then Option 5 (Contract Management enquiries).


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