Contract Agreement extension

The Assisted School Travel Program (ASTP) has extended the current term of the Contract Agreement (PDF 1249.24KB) to mid-2021.

The previous term expired at the end of 2018.

There are no changes to the current terms and conditions of the Contract Agreement except for some amendments to outdated names, definitions and stylistic text formatting.

The changes include:

  • updated website addresses
  • replaced Contract reference with Agreement reference where applicable
  • updated definition for 'Personnel'
  • updated contract term to reflect contract extension period
  • updated clause relating to child restraint systems
  • minor wording and formatting amendments where appropriate.

Please refer to the list of changes to the Contract Agreement (PDF 244.38KB).

By extending the term of the ASTP contract, ESPs will be provided with a level of service continuity.

There are no changes to the current terms of the Contract Agreement. The ASTP will continue to operate the same.

If you have an active run with ASTP then you will be emailed information about signing and returning (PDF 3832.45KB) a new version of the Contract Agreement.

If you do NOT have an active run with ASTP then there are no further actions required. ASTP will send a new version of the Contract Agreement to you, if and when you are allocated a run.

The term of the contract has been extended meaning you will remain as an ESP on the department's approved provider list and be eligible for school runs. This does not mean that your contract will be automatically extended.

Yes, current ESPs will remain on the ESP list. The ESP list is used for the allocation of runs to meet the department's needs for the program.

It is likely that the department will commence actions for updating contract arrangements, possibly through an open tender process.

If you have any concerns or issues regarding the Contract Agreement extension, please email

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