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Learn how to complete and submit an Assisted Travel Support Officer (ATSO) pay claim form and find answers to commonly asked questions.

Assisted Travel Support Officers (ATSOs) are paid fortnightly. The pay fortnight finishes on a Thursday.

To be paid the following week you need to send your completed pay claim form (PDF 675KB) to the ASTP by midnight on the Friday (the next day after pay period ends).

If ASTP receives your pay claim form on time you will be paid the following Thursday.

Fill in all sections of the pay claim form (PDF 186.81 KB), including name, employee number, run number, student absences, leave taken and approved overtime. Sign and date the form.

The contractor and school principal must sign, print full name and date the claim form. The school stamp is also required.

Once the claim is completed:

1. Email (preferred option) to

  • Subject line must include: ATSO PAY – Last name, First name – Employee ID – Fortnight date ending – Run number


2. Post to:

Assisted School Travel Program
Locked Bag 7009
Wollongong East
NSW 2520

The ASTP checks all information for accuracy. This process requires a number of steps before funds can be released to your bank account.

Missing or incorrect information will delay your payment, for example:

  • signatures
  • dates
  • names
  • run number
  • employee number
  • hours or minutes worked
  • leave or overtime
  • student absences.

Please ensure you scan your pay claim and email to ASTP. Please attach details of any extra time you have claimed from your regular hours worked (e.g. road closures, training, 'home alone' incidents).

  1. Use the current ATSO pay claim form
  2. Complete all of the sections, sign, print full name and date
  3. Contractor and school principal to sign, print full name and date
  4. Email your claim to ASTP no later than midnight Friday.

Not all courses attract a payment and ATSOs will be advised by the ASTP when relevant training is to be undertaken and how they can claim, or how payments are to be made.

The ATSO training framework outlines the applicable payment arrangements for certain courses.

If additional training is required for students with higher level needs (e.g. specialised health care), the school is required to make arrangements with the ASTP. The ATSO will be advised of the amount they can claim.

  • Long Term Temporary employees (LTTs) are entitled to payment for up to five (5) consecutive days the student is absent.
  • Short Term Temporary employees (STTs) are not entitled to payment for student absences.
  • An exception may occur if you were not notified before the journey started. In this situation, please provide additional information with your pay claim.

  • School Development Days (no students attending school) are not paid to ATSOs.
  • LTTs are paid for public holidays, strike days, emergency school closures such as fire and flooding, during your contracted period. You need to record this on your pay claim form.
  • STTs are not entitled to be paid for these days.

The start time you put on your claim form should be the time the driver picks you up from the mutually agreed pickup/drop off point. The finish time is when the driver drops you back at the agreed pickup/drop off point.

Drivers can work as an ATSO. Approval from ASTP is required for a driver to be a relief ATSO on a run. Drivers must submit an ATSO pay claim to be paid for an ATSO run.

  • LTTs working in the morning and the afternoon on the same day are paid an additional 15% to the normal LTT daily rate
  • LTTs are paid up to five (5) consecutive school days when a student they support is absent from school. LTTs cannot work on another run during that time
  • LTTs who job share are only entitled to claim for student absences for the days normally worked.
  • All leave and overtime is processed separately by EDConnect, Bathurst
  • Training completed when students are absent, or during school holidays, does not attract overtime.
  • Training during school holidays is paid at STTs rate for all ATSOs
  • Travel time to and from training is not claimable
  • Every ATSO has a DoE email address and password. We will email you important information from time to time to your DoE email address.


For payment enquiries, call ASTP on 1300 338 278 or email

For leave and overtime enquiries, call EDConnect on 1300 323 232 (select option 3).

For DoE staff portal enquiries, call EDConnect on 1300 323 232 (select option 5).


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