How to use the Policy Library

The Policy Library is the ‘single source of truth’ for the department’s current operational policies and related documents.

While most department policies are available to the public, some documents - and these are marked as 'staff only' - can only be accessed after you have entered your portal credentials.

Policy documents are updated regularly. Ensure that you have the current policy document.

Access policy documents directly from the Policy Library. You may wish to bookmark this page through your browser or as an “Essentials” icon in your portal main page.

Printing and filing paper copies of policy documents for reference purposes is discouraged as you may miss out on recent updates.

Do not use external search engines, such as Google, as you may get a cached version of the document which may no longer be current.

The Policy Library home page provides a number of ways to access policy documents. You may search policy documents:

  1. using the policy keyword search box. This limits the search to documents in the Policy Library only.
  2. through the A-Z list of policies. Use the alphabet buttons at the top of the page to get to the policy you need without the need to scroll down.
  3. by Leading and Managing the School categories. The categories are derived from the key accountabilities of principals defined in the Leading and Managing the School policy. Not all policies have an assigned Leading and Managing the School category.
  4. by policy groups. This is the default view for users. Each department policy is assigned to one and only one group.
screenshot of the policy library page

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