Support for policy managers

This site provides policy managers (policy owners and delegated policy contact officers) with direction, guidance and support in relation to developing, implementing and reviewing policy documentation.

Schools policy management framework

The framework encapsulates the interrelationships between people, processes and technology to effectively and efficiently control, track and support the development, review and rescission of policy documents.

The framework includes:

  • the Schools Policy Governance Group consists of executive officers from business areas that own policies that affect the work of schools. The group provides direction for policy management, determines lines of responsibilities, and maintains oversight and accountability for policy management and administration.
  • the Policy Management Policy that specify the standards for the content, formatting, approval, publication and review cycle of all policies in the department.
  • the Policy Library is the ‘single source of truth’ for the department’s operational policies and related documents.
  • the Policy Management System that supports policy owners to develop policies through electronic workflow processes, tracking, reporting and records management functions. This system is currently being developed.

Learn about the people, processes and resources that can support you as a policy manager - policy roles, policy documents, and policy development and review cycle.

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