ERN checklist for principals

Principals assign access to ERN for school-based-staff appointed to or working in their school.

Regular review of ERN access is essential to reduce the risks posed by unnecessary access to student data in the system. Access should be restricted to the minimum number required to fulfil the responsibilities of your school.

Completing the ERN checklist annually supports principals by ensuring they are:

1. managing staff access to ERN including assigning and removing shared access

To maintain or remove access to ERN data, principals need to access the AMU app from the staff portal and follow the two-step instructions to open the ERN - Enrolment and Registration Number information page for their school.

On the information page, principals manage staff access to ERN data from the staff list displaying individual security profiles. Some staff may require access to multiple profiles to fulfil their responsibilities at the school.

To review shared access click the link to View & Add Staff not at this site at the bottom of the staff list. Individuals listed as not at this site may have either left the school or are not currently attached to the school. Their continued access to the school’s database may be a breach of confidentiality. Use the check boxes to maintain or remove access for staff no longer working in the school.

2. reviewing staff professional development needs in ERN

Principals should ensure that staff are trained to use ERN, know how to access the ERN training guide and can access support material.

3. validating ERN data

Schools are responsible for maintaining family and student data that may change over time, for example, parent contact details, emergency contact details, student health information and other information.

4. reviewing and validating data sharing arrangements

Data sharing includes staff access to third party software and the security of third party systems that contain student data.

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