Private tours


A recent audit and review of the policy indicate that the distinction between an overseas excursion and a private tour is unclear.

Overseas excursions are organised and managed by the school in accordance with this pack. A tour company may be contracted by the school to assist in organising the excursion.

On the other hand, a private tour is solely organised by a tour company. Students, staff and parents make their bookings with the tour company and complete the company's indemnity form. While the company may reserve a particular tour for participants associated with nominated schools, it is not considered a school excursion.

If a school is involved in the organisation of a tour (eg promotion, planning, collecting funds, etc) the activity is considered an overseas excursion and must adhere to the process and requirements for overseas excursions.

The Private tours information sheet provides advice on tours organised by external groups.

For clarification on particular excursions contact School Policy & Information Management.

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