5. Submission of application


Approvers are assured that due diligence has been exercised by organisers in planning the overseas excursion.


  • The principal network forwards the endorsed application to the operational directorate office.
  • The designated operational directorate staff verifies that the application pack is complete and that the agreed checklist items from the roundtable meeting are met.

Timeframe: 3 months prior to the overseas excursion. As a guide:

For excursions departing next Submit proposal to the operational directorate office by
Autumn (March/April) Week 9 Term 4
Winter (June/July) Week 6 Term 1
Spring (September/ October) Week 6 Term 2
Summer (December/ January) Week 7 Term 3

* Timing is close to summer holidays. Contact with the WHS consultant is suggested to discuss an appropriate timeframe.

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