2. Roundtable planning meeting


Organisers and approvers discuss and document mitigations for any concerns raised by the proposal, early in the planning process to minimise administrative workload.

This step in the overseas excursions application and approval process aims to help organisers and approvers collaborate early in the planning process.

It is an opportunity for the executive director's (via their nominee) opportunity to raise any requirements, concerns or issues to be addressed in the application.

The focus of the roundtable meeting is on ensuring that the principal/organising teacher understands their obligations and requirements.

It also aims to identify any support and assistance needed by the school to organise a successful excursion and complete the application.


At the executive director's discretion, operational directorate staff may initiate and conduct this meeting.

If operational directorate staff opt to not to participate in the roundatable meeting, the DEL (or nominee) sets the meeting date. This may be conducted as a face-to-face meeting or any suitable alternative mode of contact.

The local WHS consultant may be invited to attend the meeting.

During the meeting:

  • Organisers and approvers go through the OEx requirements as they relate to the proposed excursion.
  • Approvers make clear their expectations before detailed planning commences.
  • Organising teachers, particularly those with limited experience in organising overseas excursions, are appropriately supported.
  • Participants discuss and prepare a checklist to provide guidance to organisers when planning the overseas excursion. Organisers and approvers use the Roundtable checklist form to document their agreed actions.
  • Previous experience of school staff in conducting similar excursions will be considered when developing the checklist.
  • Note that the list of specifications must not limit information to be provided nor impose additional requirements, as detailed in OEx.

View sample meeting scenarios.

Timeframe: 11 months prior to the excursion

The roundtable checklist must complement the requirements detailed in OEx. It must not limit information to be provided or impose additional requirements on parents or schools.

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