4. Application review and check


Organising teachers have access to trained work health and safety (WHS) consultants for expert guidance on preparing the risk and management plan, and have the support of experienced principal network staff for feedback on the application pack.


  • The organising teacher provides the completed application pack to the DEL and the local WHS consultant.
  • The local WHS consultant reviews the Risk Assessment and Management plan and provides corrective feedback, if necessary.
  • The principal network staff reviews the application and checks that the agreed checklist items or specifications are met.
  • The organising teacher makes the required changes to the application.
  • The DEL endorses the completed overseas excursions application.

Timeframe: 5 months prior to the excursion. As a guide:

For excursions departing next Submit proposal to the DEL by
Autumn (March/April) Week 2 Term 4
Winter (June/July) Week 9 Term 4
Spring (September/ October) Week 10 Term 1
Summer (December/ January) Week 2 Term 3

* Timing is close to summer holidays. Contact with the WHS consultant is suggested to discuss an appropriate timeframe.

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