6. Approval of application


Schools are notified well in advance of the overseas excursion approval.


The Executive Director, School Performance approves the completed overseas application pack.

If copies of items such as passports or personal travel insurance cannot be provided one month prior to the excursion, conditional sign-off may be granted, specifying the items the organising teachers must provide prior to the excursion.

Conditional approval will not be granted if one or more of the following is not included in the excursion application:

  • Risk Assessment and Management Plan
  • itinerary
  • lists of attendees
  • billeting information.

Timeframe: 1 month prior to the excursion. As a guide:

For excursions departing next Sign off by:
Autumn (March/April) Week 2 Term 1
Winter (June/July) Week 2 Term 2
Spring (September/ October) Week 3 Term 3
Summer (December/ January) Week 4 Term 4

Note: The approval or conditional approval may be withdrawn at any time:

  • if additional excursion activities are introduced.
  • following the emergence of unforeseen events or unfavourable circumstances.
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