Application and approval process

1. Overseas excursion proposal

Organising teachers determine the educational value of the proposed overseas excursion and outline the intended activities.

2. Roundtable planning meeting

Organisers and approvers discuss and document mitigation for any concerns raised by the proposal.

3. Detailed planning using OEx

Organisers and approvers use OEx, the department's application and approval pack, to plan the overseas excursion in detail.

4. Application review and check

WHS consultant reviews the risk assessment and management plan. Principal network staff checks the application.

5. Submission of application

The completed overseas excursion application is submitted for approval.

6. Approval of application

The Executive Director, School Performance approves the overseas application.


All applications for overseas excursions must follow the steps, processes and forms outlined in this section.

View the swimlane diagram that summarises the application and approval process.

Organising teachers and principals should maintain communications with the Director Educational Leadership and relevant department officers to ensure that applications are appropriately detailed and complete.

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