After the overseas excursion


Record keeping

Excursion records should be retained as per sections 13.5 and 13.6 of Excursions planning and management.

Destroy copies of passports and other personal data held upon completion of the excursion. Unless an incident occurs which may require the storage of complete records for a period of time.

Funds collected for excursions

Money paid by parents for excursions does not belong to the school. The money is to be used on or for the excursion only (including miscellaneous funds).

Any money paid by parents that remains unexpended after the excursion will be refunded on a pro rata basis in accordance with section 7.16 of the Finance in Schools Handbook. Use the Student/Parent payment form where required.

If the excursion was paid for by fundraising, unexpended funds remain with the school as per section 5.9 of the Finance in Schools Handbook.

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