Overseas excursions

Note: Draft Content - For staff testing and feedback only

Overseas excursions require very detailed planning and are a large undertaking made on behalf of the school.

Before planning an overseas excursion, the organising teacher should read the Excursions policy and procedures. All aspects of the policy and procedures apply to overseas excursions.

Staff in schools and regional offices will also need to follow application and approval processes for overseas excursions.

This site also hosts OEx, the department's Overseas Excursion Application Pack, which is designed to support organisers and approvers to comply with department policy.

Ensure that you have the latest version of the forms. Download them as you need them. Printing and filing copies of the forms for future use is discouraged as you may miss out on recent updates.

For clarification on information contained in this section of the website, contact School Policy & Information Management.

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