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  1. Document Title:Accreditation at Highly Accomplished Teacher and Lead Teacher in NSW Government Schools PD/2008/0384/V02This policy provides information on the process of voluntary accreditation of teachers at the career stages of Highly Accomplished Teacher and Lead Teacher as outlined in the Teacher Accreditation Act 2004.
    Last updated27/01/2017
  2. Document Title:Accreditation at Proficient Teacher in NSW Government Schools Policy PD/2005/0165/V05This document outlines the Department's policy on the mandatory accreditation of teachers at Proficient Teacher level and the maintenance of that accreditation to meet the requirements of the Teacher Accreditation Act 2004 and the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards Act 2013.
    Last updated20/06/2016
  3. Document Title:Beginning Teachers Support Funding Policy PD/2007/0367/V04Outlines the department’s policy for the support of eligible beginning teachers. Schools with eligible classroom teachers who meet the criteria for first year funding will receive one first year beginning teacher funding payment. Schools with eligible classroom teachers who meet the criteria for second year funding will receive one second year beginning teacher funding payment.
    Last updated22/11/2016
  4. Document Title:Child Protection - Allegations Against Employees PD/2005/0263/V02Outlines the Department of Education & Training’s legislative responsibilities and demonstrates its commitment to protect the safety and wellbeing of students and to support the work of employees working with children and young people in an educational setting.
    Last updated08/07/2010
  5. Document Title:Code of Conduct Policy PD/2004/0020/V06The Code of Conduct clarifies the standards of behaviour that are expected of Department of Education staff in the performance of their duties. It gives guidance in areas where staff need to make personal and ethical decisions.
    Last updated28/02/2017
  6. Document Title:Community Language Allowance Scheme PD/2005/0096/V03This policy provides for the payment of a Community Language Allowance to suitably qualified employees who have a basic level of competence in a language other than English.
    Last updated06/05/2012
  7. Document Title:Head Teacher Eligibility Requirements Policy PD/2005/0275/V02This policy outlines the relevant academic qualifications teachers and head teachers must meet when applying for an advertised head teacher position in high or central schools.
    Last updated04/04/2013
  8. Document Title:Management of Conduct and Performance PD/2006/0335/V02Outlines requirements for the management of conduct and performance for all permanent officers employed under the Teaching Service Act 1980, the Technical and Further Education Commission Act 1990 and the Education (Staff Administrative and Support Staff) Act 1987.
    Last updated01/06/2007
  9. Document Title:Performance Management and Development Policy PD/2006/0334/V03Performance management and development provides a framework to value our staff, provides a working environment that acknowledges their contribution and builds capacity to ensure organisational effectiveness.
    Last updated02/10/2015
  10. Document Title:Private and Secondary Employment Policy PD/2003/0007/V09The policy sets out the principles of, and the requirements for, approval for private and secondary employment for all employees of the Department of Education and Training (DET), to ensure consistency across all sections of DET.
    Last updated13/07/2015
  11. Document Title:Professional Learning Policy for Schools PD/2004/0017/V02Policy for professional learning in NSW public schools draws on professional learning practices and recognises that the participation of teams and individuals in workplace learning and in the wider professional context is key to developing quality professional practice.
    Last updated21/11/2014
  12. Document Title:Workforce Diversity Policy PD/2009/0388/V01The Workforce Diversity Policy is a commitment by the Department to create a workplace that is fair and inclusive, and builds a workforce which better reflects the diversity of our students, parents and the NSW community.
    Last updated21/11/2016
  13. Document Title:Working with Children Check Policy PD/2005/0264/V07The Working with Children Check is a screening mechanism to prevent certain persons from engaging in child-related work.
    Last updated