Recent policy updates – Term 2 2021 to Term 1 2022

The following policy documents were updated between Term 2 2021 and Term 1 2022.

Refer to the ‘Changes since previous update’ section on individual policy pages for more details on changes to policy documents.

Policy Document name Change Publication date
Student Health in NSW Public Schools: A summary and consolidation

Updated policy statement contact details.

Added Anaphylaxis and allergy procedures for schools as an implementation document (previously only available on the intranet). Updated the document to align to the national strategy and streamlined it to provide clearer guidance. Included the reintroduction of the Anapen® adrenaline autoinjector in addition to the EpiPen®.

Added a link to the Anaphylaxis website.

Working with Children Check

Updated the policy statement and Working with children check procedure to reflect current practice.

Added the following implementation documents:

  • Declaration for child related workers - a consolidation of 2 previous documents
  • updated and renamed Declaration for non-child related workers (previously Volunteers and non-child related contractors)
  • Declaration for contractors with workers in child-related roles (previously on the intranet).

Removed 5 implementation documents, as the information is now in the intranet service catalogue.

Excursions Updated the policy statement. Revised the overseas excursions application and approval process in the implementation document. This included introducing a common application pack. Clarified instructions about privately arranged tours and risk management, child protection and safety, and refund of unspent excursion money. Updated related documents. 07/03/2022
Information Security Updated the policy statement to include the department's requirements to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard whenever credit card payments are processed (including within schools). 28/02/2022
Accreditation at Highly Accomplished Teacher and Lead Teacher in NSW Public Schools Procedures updated as per Accreditation at Proficient Teacher in NSW Public Schools below. 04/02/2022
Accreditation at Proficient Teacher in NSW Public Schools Policy and procedures updated to reflect the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) policy and definitions. 04/02/2022
Anti-Racism The revised Anti-Racism policy more closely aligns the department's anti-racism and Aboriginal education priorities, and provides greater support and training for all staff in addressing racism. 28/01/2022
People with Disabilities – Statement of Commitment Replaced the related document ‘Specialised Equipment for Students with Disability’ with the Personalised support for student learning website. 12/01/2022
Aboriginal Education Updated the implementation document references, titles and formatting. 23/12/2021
Voluntary School Contribution Provided greater clarity and guidance, and to remind schools they must not use terms that imply voluntary school contributions are mandatory. 15/11/2021
Management of Conduct and Performance

Updated the policy statement to reflect the new requirements for managing misconduct in relation to non-compliance with the department’s COVID-19 vaccination requirements, Public Health Orders, industrial determinations and any directions for implementing these.

Added new guidelines, Management of Conduct Related to Non-Compliance with COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements, which apply to permanent employees employed under the Teaching Service Act 1980 and the Education (School Administrative and Support Staff) Act 1987. This reflects the new requirements in line with the Education Public Health Order, signed by the Minister for Health and Medical Research.

Enrolment of Students in NSW Government Schools Improved and clarified the intent of the procedures. 29/10/2021
Nutrition in Schools Removed dates relating to the Healthy Schools Canteen transition period, added current practice information for preschools, and improved clarity and coherence. 26/10/2021
Beginning Teachers Support Funding Specified that schools are no longer responsible for transferring any remaining funding when a permanent teacher moves to another school or a temporary teacher ceases. 11/10/2021
Child Protection: Allegations Against Employees

Updated the policy statement and implementation document to align with legislative changes, as well as simplify and clarify language and processes.

Retired the implementation document ‘Procedures for the Local Management of Less Serious Allegations in the Area of Child Protection Against DET Employees’.

Professional Learning Policy for Teachers and School Staff Moved this implementation document to School Leadership policy and now listed here as a related document. 11/10/2021
School Leadership

Incorporated FAQs, updated terminology for elective professional learning and clarified instructions.

Moved from Professional Learning policy to School Leadership policy (previously published under

Asset Management New policy to provide direction and guidance for staff managing assets, and supporting planning, management and decision-making for assets. 06/10/2021
School Excellence Updated to clarify needs-based funding and school development review process. 05/10/2021
Commercial Arrangements, Sponsorships and Donations

This is the result of consolidating the following policies:

  • Commercial Arrangements – School-Based Activities policy
  • Sponsorship policy.

See further information about this consolidation.

Sharing of School Facilities

This is the result of consolidating the following policies:

  • Community Use of School Facilities policy
  • Joint Use of School Facilities and Land policy
  • Mobile Telecommunications Facilities policy.

It also includes instructions for advertising on the school perimeter from the Commercial Arrangements – School- Based Activities policy.

See further information about this consolidation.

Curriculum planning and programming, assessing and reporting to parents K-12 New implementation document added for interim policy implementation due to COVID-19. 15/09/2021
Student Counselling Records and Psychological Tests

This is the result of consolidating the following policies:

  • Student Counselling Files policy
  • Psychological Tests policy

See further information about this consolidation.

Carry Forward New procedures to support the Carry Forward policy. 28/07/2021
Financial Management

New procedures to provide guidance on preparing the department’s Annual Financial Statements.


Code of Conduct

Updated the procedures, including links and minor wording changes.


School Leadership

Revised policy replaced the Leading and Managing the School policy – content was reorganised resulting in a revised policy statement and two implementation documents ('Principal role description' and 'Deputy principal role description').


Drugs in Schools

Minor update to the policy and implementation procedures to include e-cigarettes, reflecting the change to the Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2008 and the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000.


Purchasing Card

Updated minor references, links and contact details, formatted to align with style guide.


Student Health in NSW Public Schools: A summary and consolidation of policy
  • The role of the school community in supporting student health
Removed this implementation document. 10/05/2021
Enterprise Risk Management

Updated policy statement in line with international standard and Treasury policy, and to clarify the risk hierarchy and reporting cadence.

Replaced the ‘Enterprise Risk Management Procedures’ document with the ‘Enterprise Risk Management Framework’.

Carry Forward New policy for direction and guidance on managing State Consolidated Fund (Fund 6100) and Consolidated Fund Carry Forward (Fund 6101). 22/04/2021

Working with Children Check

Updated implementation document 'Practicum students declaration' to an online document.


Professional Learning Policy for Teachers and School Staff Minor update to implementation document to reflect the addition of the Leading Aboriginal Education module and minor changes as a result of migrating the credential to MyPL. 06/04/2021
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