Professional learning for teachers and school staff

This policy was consolidated with the School excellence policy under the 2023 Policy and procedure review program on 14/05/2024.

Refer to School excellence policy for instructions.

Document history

2024 May 14 - Policy consolidated with School excellence policy and removed from the library. Implementation documents moved to school excellence policy.

2024 Mar 12 - Updated contact details

2023 Jun 26 - updated text in implementation document, School development days procedures.

2023 Mar 27 - updated links in implementation documents, School development days procedures and School development days FAQs.

2023 Mar 16 - updated contact details. Professional learning initiatives funding added as related document.

2021 Oct 11 - implementation document: NSW Public School Leadership and Management Credential Guidelines moved to School Leadership policy and now listed as a related document.

2021 Apr 06 - minor update to implementation document: Leadership and Management Credential Guidelines - Amended to reflect minor changes as a result of migrating the credential to MyPL, as well as addition of the Leading Aboriginal Education module. The following implementation documents are now Staff Only - School development days FAQs: School development days procedures: School development days variation form.

2020 Nov 20 - policy name changed from Professional Learning for Schools to Professional Learning for Teachers and School Staff. Enhanced model for planning and implementation of professional learning for all school-based staff and non-school based teaching staff. Alignment of professional learning with staff performance development and the school excellence cycle.

2020 Sept - NSW Public School Leadership Management Credential Guidelines updated. V.1.2.0 now includes a strategic resourcing and management module.

Replaced the Training and Development Policy Statement (1996). This policy requires schools to have a professional learning team, professional learning component of the school management plan and a school-based induction program for new teachers on probation.

Superseded documents

Professional Learning for Schools Policy Statement, 2004

Training and Development Policy Statement, 1996

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