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Policy governance

Charter setting out the authority, accountability and responsibilities of support services staff to ensure that operational policies support the department s vision, purpose and objectives. All operational policies are required to be in the Policy Library.


All staff involved in the policy management process.



Description of changes

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8.0.0 05/09/2023 Policy title changed from Policy Management to Policy Governance. Policy statement was updated to meet Audit of Policy Governance and Implementation (AP21/36) recommendations to include the definition of an operational policy and the requirement to publish operational policies in the Policy Library. Secretary, NSW Department of Education
  1. Policy statement
    1. Operational policies and procedures:
      1. address an issue or risk of significance to the department, and translate relevant legislation, regulation, departmental strategy or government priorities into an organised, coherent set of instructions for staff
      2. support staff to perform their roles independently within set boundaries and constraints, and to discharge their responsibilities confidently. They identify mandatory actions and requirements for staff and identified functions.
    2. Policy and procedure requirements and documents:
      1. must be developed, implemented and reviewed in line with user-centred design principles, consulting with stakeholders and policy users including school staff where requirements impact schools
      2. are published on the Policy Library and meet the required department standards. Updating, publishing or rescinding policies and procedures require approval at the appropriate delegation level.
  2. Context
    1. This charter supports effective policy management and the department's compliance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 and State Records Act 1998.
    2. Operational policies and procedures are critical in supporting the effective and efficient operations of schools and other department work sites. They provide a single source of truth for the department's requirements.
    3. Operational policy is only one of a number of tools the department can use to mitigate risk or facilitate compliance.
  3. Policy contact
    1. Senior Manager, Policy Design
      02 7814 2541
  4. Monitoring the policy
    1. The Executive Director, Service Experience monitors the implementation of this policy, regularly reviews its contents to ensure relevance and accuracy, and updates it as needed.
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