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Management of Conduct and Performance

Outlines requirements for the management of conduct and performance for all permanent officers employed under the Teaching Service Act 1980, the Technical and Further Education Commission Act 1990 and the Education (Staff Administrative and Support Staff) Act 1987.

1. Objectives - Policy statement


The objects of the legislative scheme for the management of conduct and performance are:

  1. to maintain appropriate standards of conduct and work related performance for officers in the Teaching Service, officers employed under Chapter 1A of the Public Sector Employment and Management Act 2002 in the TAFE Division of the Government Service, and school administrative and support staff (SASS);
  2. to protect and enhance the integrity and reputation of the respective employee groups; and
  3. to ensure that the public interest is protected.

The protection of children is the paramount consideration in taking any action with respect of this policy and accompanying guidelines. This includes dealing with an appeal against, or determining any claims arising from or in relation to that action in courts or tribunals.

2. Audience and applicability


This policy and associated guidelines apply to all officers and permanent employees of the Department of Education and Training employed under the following legislation:

  • Teaching Service Act 1980.
  • Technical and Further Education Commission Act 1990.
  • Education (Staff Administrative and Support Staff) Act 1987.

3. Context


The Department of Education and Training has a responsibility to deal appropriately and expediently with the small number of teachers and other employees whose conduct or work performance is not of a satisfactory standard. The accompanying guidelines establish a modern, streamlined and uniform system for the management of conduct and performance for school teachers, TAFE teachers and school administrative staff.

The policy and accompanying guidelines replace existing disciplinary procedures. Matters for which disciplinary charges have been issued against officers or temporary employees will continue under the provisions of the legislation that existed at the time the charges were laid.

Matters involving existing monitoring programs will become remedial action involving monitoring under the new legislation.

4. Responsibilities and delegations


All workplace managers are to ensure this policy and associated guidelines are readily accessible to all employees of the Department of Education and Training.

Delegations relating to the operational requirements of action under the accompanying guidelines are as those published from time to time by Administrative Services Directorate of the Department of Education.

5. Monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements


Annual Teacher Assessment Review Schedule (TARS).

Annual Principal Assessment Review Schedule (PARS).

Number of performance improvement programs completed.

Number of remedial actions taken.

Number of disciplinary actions taken.

Number of employees who separate from the Department or NSW TAFE following action relating to their conduct or performance.

6. Contact

Simon Sykes, Executive Officer EPAC. Telephone: 9266 8070.

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